So why The Wandering Stag?

When I was thinking about naming my online home, I started thinking about the kind of places I was most comfortable in. The places that I would go to hear or tell a story or two.

While I write plenty of non-fiction, and dabble in other genres, Speculative Fiction is where I have made my home. And the place to find a storyteller in that sort of world is a tavern. Probably telling stories for food/drinks. Which I find myself doing more than I care to admit.

And so The Wandering Stag was born.

Things that may be found here, nailed to the walls:

  • Story writing ideas
  • Reviews
  • Rants
  • The occasional interview
  • The rare story
  • Anything too long for Twitter

Where to get started:

Or, just contact me.

That’s it.

So that’s what this place is. Expect a little NSFW at times. Consider this your only warning.

Welcome to the Wandering Stag.