Freelance Work

Interested in collaborating with me on a project, having me write for you, or sourcing me as an editor/critic for your work? Cool. One thing first: I don’t work without being paid.

This may seem like a tiresome thing to have to say, but it is an important one. Writing is my job. On top of being the thing that I love to do, it is the thing that I do to pay bills. Offers of experience and exposure show little respect for the time and creative energy put into any project, and are neither appreciated, nor will they be responded to. They’ll just be deleted.

Now that that is out of the way…

Why work with me?

For a more detailed summary of who I am, you can check here. In short, I’m a full time published author, with experience writing fiction, and both creative and technical non-fiction. I’m an experienced editor, a slush pile reviewer for short fiction magazines, and I’m a dungeon master with a highly successful world building guide and kickstarter under my belt.

Writing for Magazines, Anthologies, Websites, etc.

I’m available to write on commission for fiction or non-fiction collections and projects. I’m experienced in writing to short deadlines, and am happy to write about any number of non-fiction topics, or creative genres.

To commission work from me, e-mail me your name, the project/collection you want me to write for, the word count of the story you are looking for, and your contract rates.

Project Collaboration

For the most part, I’m available for collaborating on writing/world building projects. However, I’m more inclined to work with people who I know personally or through social media, and have developed a relationship with. If there is a project you’d like me involved in, your best starting point is getting in touch via Twitter.

If you don’t use Twitter, or feel comfortable getting started, send me an e-mail with the project synopsis, what you are looking for from me involvement wise, and your contract rates.

Feedback and Editing

I am happy to provide feedback on writing and world building projects, whether detailed critiques, line edits, or structural analyses. It’s something I enjoy, though it can be a time consuming process.

E-mail me a summary of what you are looking for, the target audience (both target age and what the project is being created for), a .PDF of the project, and your contract rates.

Other Work

If there is something you would like me to work on that isn’t covered here, email me the details and we can discuss it.

My contact details are available here.