Below is a list of my work that has been published, whether non-fiction, short fiction, or novels. This does not include freelance work that I’ve done for others.


The Realm Apparent
Foundational World Building for Speculative Fiction

The Realm Apparent was born out of a desire to find a structure for creating worlds for stories and games, that focused on only the key, foundational parts necessary to have a solid understanding of how the world functioned, before returning to the story itself. I’d seen numerous friends spend years cultivating a rich fabric for their world, only to never really finish the stories they’d built the world for, and I wanted to make sure I avoided that cliched trap for writers. At the same time, I wanted a structure I could reuse, that ensured that when I finished a story, if I had not broken any of the rules I’d laid out, then any plot holes that were present would be issues of story rather than world.

Starting as a handful of posts online, the guide became an e-book, and then a successful kickstarter campaign led to paperback and hardcover copies becoming available. It can be found on Amazon, Smashwords, in assorted bookstores and gaming shops, and via the author.

Short Fiction

The Crippled Door
Tiny Owl Workshop

The Crippled Door is a piece of flash fiction accepted into Tiny Owl Workshop’s “The Lane of Unusual Traders” world building project.